Barbara Wyckoff

Barbara brings an anthropologist’s lens to the world of business.  Rather than examining a bottom line or trying to find efficiencies by nit picking a budget, Barbara helps enterprises by listening, asking questions and offering a bigger-picture, systems-minded approach.  As an entrepreneur, Barbara knows how to balance purpose with getting the job done. As co-founder of Creative Disruptors, Inc., Barbara works with social, civic, and business entrepreneurs and teams to evaluate their purpose and core competencies, reimagine their potential impact, and build the systems, relationships, and management to execute.

She is a Certified Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute and has been an Executive Coach for over a decade.  She is also trained as an Organizational and Relationship Systems coach and has been a facilitator and speaker for over twenty years.  She graduated from American University (MA) and Wellesley College (BA). She lives in the woods in Maryland with her husband and dogs, taking long walks when she is not daydreaming or visiting her family and clients.

Dylan Baird

Dylan was only a freshman at the Fox Business School at Temple University when he built a business plan for a self-sustaining urban farm and successfully pitched it in a competition. Three years later he helped turn that idea into an online grocery store/farm to table aggregation and distribution business, with over $150,000 start-up capital from business plan competitions and much more from non-conventional investors. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Philly FoodWorks, Dylan has first-hand experience in what it takes to build a business from the ground up, only to be forced to reposition the company a few years later.

As a strategy and business plan expert, Dylan worked with the Mid Atlantic Farm Credit (MAFC), a conventional agriculture lender, to build a credit matrix and lending strategy for small sustainable farms, increasing their lending portfolio to this sector to over $1.5 million. He is co-founder of Creative Disruptors, and brings on the ground experience in: market position and alignment, using financials to understand and plan business development, and operations and personnel management. He lives in Philadelphia.

Milka Lopez Mercado

Milka is passionate about expanding the opportunities available to small businesses and local organizations to support their success and maximize their community impact. She believes that with the right tools, resources, and cooperation, enterprises can uplift and support their communities. Milka focuses on clients’ financials and bookkeeping processes, identifying and providing the tools and insights needed to grow their business. 

Milka studied Economics at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she currently lives. Milka became fascinated with organizational development while working at Philadelphia VIP. PhillyVIP expands access to justice by leveraging community resources to provide free civil legal representation for low-income clients. In her role, Milka worked to connect small business owners and nonprofit directors with the pro bono legal consultation to secure their organizations’ long-term sustainability. Milka’s background results in a resource orientated approach to her work.