“Barbara Wyckoff is so connected to the entrepreneurial movement in southern West Virginia. Going into the process we had a lot of questions and didn’t really have a clear view of what the plans for our future needed to be. When we got to the end of our strategic planning process, our new strategic plan was so clear that we asked Barbara if she had a magic wand!” 

Judy Moore, Executive Director, WV Hive Network

“There was no question in my mind about who we wanted to work with on our plan.”

“Dylan and Barbara really helped us understand that this [material recycling] is a really fast turnaround business so I didn’t want to hold stock forever waiting on market value. I’m getting paid for picking this up so I might as well get rid of it. Even if I don’t get market value for it, we’re still sustainable if we don’t get anything… [They] helped us understand we were making a product.”

Bob Carsewell, Operations Manager, The Material Return

“Barbara helped unlock our potential.”

“Barbara’s deep experience and guidance have been transformative for Firsthand Coffee. In just two years, with Barbara’s coaching, Firsthand has grown from a small campus-based coffee company to a brand with regional clients and major sales growth.”

Bradley Wilson, Board Member, First Hand Coffee

“Working with Barbara changed the way I think as a business leader, enabling me to see my role more clearly. Now I participate in my business in a satisfying and engaging way!”

Debra Fragala Pories, Owner, Active Recovery Physical Therapy and Active Fitness Center

“As a result of working with Barbara, our social enterprise, Saw’s Edge Woodshop, has identified key constraints holding us back. This has lead to tough conversations. But it has created the conditions needed for learning and growth.”

Brandon M. Dennison, CEO, Coalfield Development Corporation

“Barbara has compassionately but firmly challenged some of our primary strategies.”

“When I meet with Barbara, I leave with a seemingly small piece of perfectly timed advice that ends up redefining the way I think about my work. She’s my first call when I feel like I’m in a rut because I know she’ll find actionable opportunities to change my frustration.”

Natalie Roper, Executive Director, Generation West Virginia

“Adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic is essential for the survival of our alumnae’s enterprises and beneficiaries. Creative Disruptors facilitated a virtual “Pivoting Practicum” so they can better respond to the “new normal.” Sharing examples from her experiences as an entrepreneur and work with a variety of businesses, Barbara left the participants with concrete and applicable tips they were eager to apply.”

Jennifer Albee, Director, WomenLead Institute

“The progress I’ve seen in her [our coaches’] confidence, leadership and ownership of her work/role has been dramatic and I know from my conversations with her that Barbara’s coaching has been a critical part of this progress. It is weaved throughout the leadership growth of the entire Hub, Barbara has been such a critical element to our success over the past few years. I am so, so glad!”

Stephanie Tyree, Executive Director, West Virginia Community Development Hub

“Barbara has an immense talent for cultivating growth in individuals.”

“As I assessed the next steps in my career, she provided invaluable insight at each stage helping me to move purposefully through the process. She helped me navigate challenges every step of the way and helped me identify and develop my own strengths and differentiators. I have benefited greatly from her skilled support and vast knowledge.” 

Therese Tepe, Environmental Impact Professional